Thu, Dec 3 10:27pm



Thanks to the Grattan community, we’ve raised $47,297 for the PTA during pie month!  That is amazing!  Our participation rate is growing, too, and we are on our way to 100%.  We want to keep that number growing.

There are many ways to give to your community, and the Annual Fund is the most direct way of giving to our school programs.  Big or small, a donation to the Annual Fund will be a boost to our community in a significant way. 

Grattan is hoping to raise up to $250,000 and hit 100% participation this school year.   The site may be closed, but school is still open, teachers are still working, and our programs are being funded from last year's amazing efforts.  It's obvious that the heart of Grattan is still alive and well, even when people are not physically in the school.

Our Grattan families are supporting one another and keeping spirits high through this stay-home winter.  We have rallied to support our teachers, staff, and those struggling  in health and in home this year. 

Please consider a gift to Grattan this school year and let's raise those numbers higher!  Donations are always welcome, but growing participation numbers really show how strong our school community has become this year.

(Just a reminder:  If your company offers matching contributions, the PTA will receive double the contribution!)

Now’s a great time to add your donation so we can pay Ms. Stewart and Ms. Kusaka’s pies forward!
Your participation is valuable in every way and your donations are valuable in any amount.

Add your contribution today!