Many Thanks to You, Grattan!
Fri, Nov 22 7:47pm

Hello, Grattan Community!

On behalf of the Grattan teachers, I would like to give our sincere thanks and appreciation for an amazingly delicious week of lunches.  The meals provided were a much-needed break from paperwork, report cards, meetings, and conferences.  Conference potluck week is a wonderful way of showing appreciation for your teachers, and we never take it for granted.   We know that every dish left in the staff lounge was made with love.


Slowing down is hard to do sometimes, but we all know it is so important to maintain our gratitude for the slow things in life…our children growing up, our families going through changes that may challenge us, or moments that give us reason to celebrate.  Sometimes we need to be reminded that although life seems to pass by quickly, we still have time to sit down and eat a meal with a friend.  Every year during conference week our Grattan community gives us that time, and for that, teachers thank you.


Staff and teachers are a very busy group during conference time, and we tend to lose focus of how to balance and prioritize work, family, and self-care.  For this reason, the faculty looks forward to our conference potlucks so much.  It gives everyone time to breathe and reflect on our students, our community, and ourselves…a rare moment during any part of the year.


Thank you, Grattan community, for giving teachers and staff a moment to sit down with one another to enjoy a meal.  You have given us more than just delicious food to enjoy…you have also given us the time to slow down and be truly thankful for all we have.    


Have a wonderful week off, Grattan.  Enjoy your “slow” time, enjoy your loved ones, and practice some serious self-care.  We will see you in December!

With Gratitude,


Ms. Kim