Message from Ms. Walter about return to in-person learning surveys
Thu, Dec 3 7:54pm
Dear Families,
Many of you should have received a survey from SFUSD regarding your interest in returning to in-person learning.  This survey was for parents/guardians of: SDC students, PK, and K-2nd graders.  The survey is designed for us to get an initial read on the number of families who are interested in returning to help us inform our planning process.  Checking "yes"  you are interested does not mean you are locked in.  You can opt for distance learning at any time.  
If you did not receive the survey but you are in one of the targeted groups, no problem.  Reach out to me: or Ms. Karen: and let us know you did not receive your child's survey.   We should be receiving a document with links to each child's survey tomorrow and will be able to forward those on to you as needed.
You may have already received this video, about the survey, that I pushed out via ParentVUE.  Feel free to watch that as well for information.
Please do not hesitate to reach out to Karen or me with questions.  We will be better able to answer your questions than classroom teachers at this point.
Thank you,
Ms. Walter
Link to video: