Morning Clap-In
Mon, Apr 13 7:56am

Good Morning Grattan Families, 


Please find morning clap in here:


We are still working on posting videos to the website. Once we are able to do that clap-in will be found there and we will not send additional emails.    


Office Hours:

Ms. Walter - Monday 9:30AM-10:30AM, email: 

Mr. Philip - M-F 10AM-11AM, email:


Please note SFUSD has updated the Zoom sign-in policies going into effect immediately.   You must now sign-in with your SFUSD account.  We recognize this is a MAJOR shift and will cause accessibility issues in the coming days as everyone figures out how to log-in correctly.  So, do not stress if you can't figure out how to log your child in today! 

If you need your child's log-in credentials you may reach out to Philip or you can log into ParentVUE.  If you are having trouble logging into ParentVUE please reach out to Karen: who can help you with that.  


Happy "First" Day of Distance  Learning!  "We got this!"  (Or, at least we have the trying really hard part ;-)) 


In Community,

Ms. Walter