Sun, Sep 12 6:23pm
Good evening,
Can you believe that we survived the 3rd week of in person school ?  
Starting Monday, we will start giving Tardy Slips.  That means if the student hasn't arrived before their class leaves the yard from "Clap-In '' they are considered "Late" and will need to come to the front door where they will receive a tardy slip to go to class.  The Shradder Gate will be locked after Clap-In so that they will not be able to enter that way.  
September 24 - Extended deadline for online MFIF form submission. All families NEED to apply at Families should apply by this date to support school funding purposes. The SNS team needs time to process the forms. More information and resources to support you are available on the School Food Resources  The MFIF form is not needed for participation in school meals, however it has a huge influence on LCFF funding for Grattan. We are in this together!
THANK YOU for using the Online Absence Report.  It has helped with the office phone calls in the morning.  It is a work in process and we appreciate your patience and suggestions.  Also, if your student is out more than one day, you need to submit a report each day.  If your student is marked unexcused, you will be receiving what we call at Grattan a "ROBO-CALL" from the district.  Don't be alarmed, it is a reminder that you have not filled out the Absence Report Form so the office doesn't know why your student is not in school.  It might also be that your student was late and didn't come to the office for a tardy pass.   Just in case you have misplaced the link,  you might want to bookmark this for future reference,
K-5 Absences: We have created a new form to report your child’s absence.  Please bookmark the Grattan Absences Reporting Form.  It will also be posted on our school website.  Please fill out the form first thing in the morning on the day of your child’s absence.  This will take the place of needing to call or email the office.      
Picture Day has been scheduled for Monday, September 27th.  Fliers coming home this week.
After School Pick-up.  When picking up from GASP, you need to sign them out via the Shradder gate first.  The GASP staff will direct you from there.  There is no need to come to the front door.
Thank you and have a wonderful week
Karen Calbert
Administrative Assistant
Grattan Elementary School
165 Grattan Street
San Francisco, California 94117
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