PIE UPDATE and the Annual Campaign!
Fri, Dec 11 3:15pm

Hello, Grattan Community!

It is officially the season of love, gratitude, and giving, and we are all headed towards a well-deserved 2 week break from academic learning.  Hopefully this will be a time where we can all take a step back from the hard work and effort that has a tendency to overtake us during this complicated and challenging time in history.  Remember to take a moment to breathe, look toward the future, and see the possibilities for your kids, your family, and your community. 

A huge moment of gratitude for our amazing families and students for contributing so much during this year's Secret Snowman event, which Ms. Toni and Ms. Walter have been heading.  The donations have been steadily coming and it is truly amazing to see how many of you are so dedicated to keeping our community safe, secure, and whole.  We are all in this together, and whatever comes next, hopefully you will find comfort in knowing your Grattan community is there to support our families.  Remember that you can always reach out, if you need any support during uncertain times.

On to some more wonderful news...thanks to all of you, our Annual Campaign is gaining steam with an amazing $65,210 raised this month!  Thank you all for the great effort, and let's keep our stride into 2021.  

Participation is still growing, too!  1st and 3rd grade took the lead with more than 30% participation. 


You know what that means...a lots pies went flying!  Have you ever wanted to see the PTA president of a school and her entire family get pied in the face?  How about Ms. Charpantier, minus the glasses?  Your chance has arrived, Grattan!


Our goal is always going to be full participation, be it fundraising or otherwise, so let's get those numbers up, Grattan! 


There is no amount too big or too small!  Donate today!


Monetary contributions are another way of showing support to your public schools, so if you are making plans to donate this season, please consider the Grattan PTA as you plan your end of year giving.  Grattan relies on this fund for crucial school services like math and reading help, classroom libraries, community activities and a 4th/5th teacher.   


When students talk about their time at Grattan, we hope they are thinking of the things that made their time here unique for them.  That could be Ms. Doris, the Storyteller.  It could be Ms. Rebecca, our gardening teacher.  Or maybe it could be the extra days in the library, the trips that enhanced their understanding of California history, or their class adventures off site.  All of these things are mostly funded and maintained by our community.   Without our Annual Fund, many of the special programs and additional staffing, like classroom reduction size teachers and resource intervention teachers, would not be possible. 

The pandemic may have closed the school sites, but schools have always remained open and working!  We are always grateful for the opportunity to come together as a community, virtually or otherwise.  Our resilience as a school has been put to the test this year, but we are headed into 2021 stronger and more determined than ever.  Thank you, Grattan, for all of your support, dedication, and love.  Even without a campus, our focus has remained firmly on the students and their future.

Have a wonderful, restful, heartwarming winter break, students and families!  We will look forward to coming back together in 2021!


Be well, stay safe, and happy winter!