Fri, Dec 18 5:33pm

2020 has been like no other year.

What a year it has been for the Grattan Community, and what an unusual school year it has been!   This time apart has changed us all in a very significant way, and as a community it has created a new type of connection that has been a challenge, but teachers, staff, administration and families have done what Grattan always does...pulled together to make a positive change during an unpredictable and uncertain time. 

Thanks to all of you who have provided opportunities for kids to thrive and succeed in online school, and for being supportive of your teachers and staff.  They are putting their heart into their teaching and never giving up on trying to build those relationships with you and your children. 

We are all finding our positive moments, even in our daily struggles, and your kids are learning by your example.   We know our community will continue to find grace and gratitude for all we are so fortunate to have, not just this holiday season but throughout this school year.  

Grattan,  you have shown your kids how community works by supporting one another to become stronger in times of trouble.  With everyone's help during difficult moments in our school year, you have given our community inspiration to persevere through adversity.  Thank you for all you do and continue to do!

Now it's time for your PIE UPDATE from the Grattan PTA:

If you have not yet met two of our new teachers, Ms. Rosales and Mr. Patric, this is your chance!  They came into the Grattan community in the most untraditional way...through Zooms and emails. But throughout the year, they have worked through the challenges with amazingly positive attitudes and they have been giving their all for their students and families this year!


Along with their transition into a new school, they are doing even more new things--like  getting pie'd in the face!  They each took a pie at home to support the Grattan annual fund this year!  What a great welcome to Grattan!  Click the link to see them in action...

There is much to be done in 2021, and Grattan is going to be busy planning how to continue the many enrichment activities our students love, while also finding the funding to keeping our additional staff to maintain a lower class size for 4th and 5th grade.   As the year and pie season come to a close, please consider participating in our Annual Fund.  There are many ways to give to your community, and we hope you will consider contributing to your school this year.

Add your contribution today!  


We are in this together, and your school is always here to support you when you need us.  

Wishing all of you a healthy and happy winter break!  See you in 2021, Grattan!