Pie Month is Here!
Tue, Nov 10 2:48pm

Annual Campaign 

Pie Month is here!


The Annual Campaign team is launching a fun competition that will end with a splat. This year, we’ll be building pie-mentum for the entire month of November.  For every $5,000 raised between now through Nov. 20, the Friday before Thanksgiving week, a beloved member of our Grattan community will earn a good-natured pie to the face at clap-in. Each grade that has reached at least 35% participation in the Annual Campaign will send up one parent from that grade and grades with 50% participation will sacrifice two parents to the cause. The grade with the highest participation level will receive a commemorative pie plate to display victoriously all year.  Pie-ings will take place throughout the month and shared during Clap-In and on Konstella.


This can't happen without your help, so please consider donating.  Every amount counts! Please donate to help your child’s grade-level participation rate and also to keep Grattan the amazing school that it is. Send in your Annual Campaign check in the envelope provided or donate online through PayPal at paypal.me/GrattanPTA.  Please consider adding a little to cover credit card fees.


The Annual Campaign Update


  • Total goal: $250,000

  • Progress: $20,482

  • Class Participation:

K: 6%

1st: 11%

2nd: 5%

3rd: 8%

4th: 16%

5th: 7%