Reminder: Green Action Fun Friday Tomorrow!
Thu, Sep 29 3:36pm

Tomorrow, Friday, September 30, come to school and check in at a table at either the Shrader or Alma gates. Tell us what green actions you take to help our Grattan community be more sustainable.


Please consider joining either the bike train or the walk bus to get to school.

Route Map attached!


Meet at the starting points or feel free to join at any point along the routes (see attached map)!

BIKE & ROLL TRAIN: Ms. Rebecca/Rye – Page @ Masonic meet at 7:30 am

WALK BUS: Sarah/ Nell – Frederick @ Ashbury st at 7.30am or Carl @ Cole meet at 7.40am


If you live in other neighborhoods (Sunset, Richmond, Castro) and want to start other routes, please reach out!


Thanks for participating!


The Green Action Committee