Rubve Goldberg Project
Tue, Apr 7 7:31am

Below Is what I have/will be sending to all students. It is a project based activity that I hope will be fun to create. It can be as elaborate  as they choose.  It's ca lab/stem project. As always any questions just email me.


Howdy! I let your teachers and parents know that I have sent this to you for a lab assignment. Have fun.
Mr. Philip
The Rube Goldberg Homemade Machine Project

I’ll try and keep this part simple —
1) Get inspired - here are some links -   -
2) Research some facts;  example - Who was Rube Goldberg? You will need to place a fact that you find somewhere in or on your machine( just write it on a piece of paper and tape it somewhere).
3) The machines can be as detailed as you can dream up.
4) If you need help communicating with your peers (or me - ) to try and solve issues.
5) DO NOT be concerned about failed attempts( it's not working). They are a GOOD THING :). The important thing is to keep on trying.
6) Start your project by clicking on this link — For grades 3/4/5   - For grades K/1/2 READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY
Any questions just email me (  I will be in touch as to how we can post them and where to post them.
Mr. Philip