SFYBL Friday Noon Deadline!
Tue, Dec 7 3:45pm
Hello Grattan Community!
We now have 4 teams setup in SFYBL!
Use this link here below to sign up your child to your respective team. I named all the teams long-form to make it easy to look up.
Grattan Mustang Hotshots (10U, 9U)
Grattan Pinto Sluggers (8U,7U)
Grattan Shetland Coach Pitch Knights (5,6,7 yr old)
Grattan Shetland T-Ball Tigers (4,5,6)
Note the signup cost for Shetland and Pinto includes uniforms.  Mustang signup cost DOES NOT. We will have to handle that later.  
You have until Dec 15th to withdraw and get a refund if you change your mind later. 
Signup Instructions (same link as above)
San Francisco Youth Baseball main website
Just email me if you have any questions!