Staff Holiday Gift - donation deadline *Friday*
Thu, Dec 9 8:47am
For those who missed the clap-in announcement, please consider a contribution to the staff holiday gift ahead of the deadline this Friday.  Electronic or in-person payment options are listed below.  And thank you so much to the families that have already contributed!
Each year, Grattan comes together as a community to give each and every staff member and teacher a cash gift. We ask families who want to give their teachers something special at the holidays to donate to a pool organized by the PTA rather than buy individual gifts. This approach allows families to support everyone who helps make Grattan such a special place for our kids, from the homeroom teachers to the staff who work behind the scenes. This cash gift is absolutely optional and we welcome any amount that is meaningful to your family. We understand that financial situations have shifted for many families and we do not want anyone to feel obligated to contribute. Please know that sending love via cards or in whatever way you choose is just as much appreciated!

If you choose to contribute, Mari and Tom Becker are collecting funds via Venmo (@Mari-Becker) and PayPal ( and will work with Ms. Walter to distribute funds to teachers and staff. You can also look for us with red donation boxes before clap-in. 
The contribution deadline is December 10. Thank you for your generosity!