Thu, Nov 19 5:36pm

It's time for the ANNUAL CAMPAIGN!

As we head into Thanksgiving break, we're so grateful for the contributions coming into the PTA Annual Campaign.   


Knowing that our community is challenged with our current closure, we are trying to reach out to our community in every way possible.  We want families involved with their child's school in a way that will benefit all students, and we love to see any kind of contribution being made during this difficult time for staff, teachers, and students.  It benefits us all to keep the valuable programs and additional support staff at Grattan consistent, and to keep our program running for our students' eventual return.

We’re aiming for 100% participation!

This week, Mr. Draven celebrated the donation milestone with a good-natured pie-in-the-face! Watch the video here.

Your donations help us in many ways...

-We keep our 4th and 5th grade classes to only 25 students
-We create brand-new libraries in each and every classroom
-We fund a Math coach

...along with many other things that make Grattan the wonderful school it is! 


Your participation is valuable in every way and your donations are valuable in any amount.

Add your contribution today!