Teacher Appreciation -- First Grade
Fri, Apr 28 5:48am
Grattan Elementary

First-grade families:

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week  At Grattan we will be celebrating our Week of Gratitude with different planned expressions of thanks each day.

The one ever-important thing parents and kids can help with is filling up the gratitude posters.  By Monday morning 60+ posters will be pinned up all around school, one for each teacher and educator that touch our kids lives.

The goal is to overload these posters with messages from all of you (and your kids).  A small message is perfect, roughly the size of a playing card or post-it-note.

Here's how you can deliver your messages

  1. You’ll find appreciation stations with message-making materials before school and after Gasp the first part of the week. Write your message with teacher's name on the back, drop it in the envelope and it'll get taped to the right poster.
  2. You can email your message to Grattanpta@gmail.com as text or attachment of picture/message (they’ll get taped to the appropriate poster).
  3. Messages prepared at home can be dropped off in the appreciation box outside the main office (they’ll get taped to the appropriate poster).

Remember, there is a whole team of educators who teach, inspire and impact your kids beyond Ms. Diane, Ms. Ekta, Ms. Schultz and Ms. Erica ( K-2 SDC Teacher)… ask your kids about some of their favorite teachers and parts of the day and you will likely hear some of these names: Kelsey, Annie, Darryl, Toyoko (K-2 SDC Paras) and Dalya, Ms. Becky, Ms. Cooper, Ms. Brown, Mr. Elijah, Ms. Rebecca, Ms. Moraga, Ms. Doris, Ms. Alex, Ms. Elizabeth, Ms. Sara, Ms. Mary, Ms. Karen, Ms. Toni, Ms. Julie, Ms. Caroline and Ms. Walter -- and more!