Wednesday is Pie Day!!
Sun, Nov 14 3:44pm
Wednesday is Annual Campaign Pie Day!  


Don’t you want to see Ms. Walter in a shower cap and rain poncho? Don’t you yearn to see flying pies at clap-in?  Aren’t you wondering which grade will win the commemorative pie plate?  Aren’t you hoping hoping hoping to earn a freshly baked pie for your teacher?


Join us this Wednesday for the messiest but also the most exciting clap-in of the year, when members of our Grattan community will take a fluffy whipped cream pie to their faces!


  • Every $5,000 raised between Nov 3 - 16 = 1 pie / Grattan staff member
  • 35% AC participation level per grade = 1 parent
  • 50% AC participation level per grade = 2 (yes TWO!!) parents + freshly baked pies for the grade’s classroom teachers!
  • Grade with the highest participation rate receives a commemorative pie plate!


Where we are today:
  • Total Goal: $286,000
  • Progress: $89,330
  • Class Participation (as of 11/12):  Kinder: 43%, 1st: 37%, 2nd: 31%, 3rd: 32%, 4th: 36% and 5th: 25%

IT IS NOT TOO LATE!!!  Join the fun by donating today!  Drop off cash or a check in the PTA blue box in the GASP office or at clap-in, or donate online through Zelle (preferred over paypal- no fees!) at or  through PayPal