00_Volunteering - School Wide Support

Grattan loves our volunteers! !! 


There are jobs big and small with all levels of interest and time commitment.  


We are currently recruiting for the roles below.


Feel free to email grattanvolunteering@gmail,com with other ideas or suggestions. We always love to hear from you!


Positions (11/22 filled)

Committee Chair Signed Up: 1 / 2

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LUNCH SUPPORT Signed Up: 0 / 0

Lunch Support Lead Signed Up: 0 / 5

Be the point contact person to coordinate lunch support with the school staff.
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Lunch / Recess Support Signed Up: 27 / 50

Express your interest in becoming an ongoing lunch support volunteer. This job entails ensuring the safety and well being of students during lunchtime. Indicate your day and frequency preferences and someone will reach out to coordinate.
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SCHOOL TOURS Signed Up: 0 / 0

School tours are back! They will happen Friday mornings from October - January.

School Tour Leads Signed Up: 0 / 2

Share your enthusiasm about our wonderful school by participating in this group to find out more about how you can help!
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School Tours - Greeter Signed Up: 4 / 20

Greet perspective families as they enter the school and direct them to where the tours will begin.
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School Tours - Tour Guides Signed Up: 4 / 30

Lead the school tours. Don't worry, you will get training!
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School Tours - Interested Volunteer Signed Up: 1 / 50

I am interested in this group and want to find out more about how I can get involved.
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Tech support Volunteer Signed Up: 1 / 1

Be the point contact for Ms. Walter's tech needs.

AV support volunteer Signed Up: 1 / 1

Help the staff with setting up the AV systems for occasional school-wide events: setting up a microphone/ audio system the day before, or a projector, or making sure the presentation is loaded, etc.

Computer support volunteer Signed Up: 1 / 2

Help provide a good experience to virtual attendees of PTA meetings (once a month). This means to coordinate that the people joining remotely can hear and see the person speaking (be the point person moving a cellphone? or a laptop camera around), keep an eye on Q&A, etc..
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Teacher / Staff Gift Lead Signed Up: 1 / 1

Teacher gift co-lead Signed Up: 0 / 1

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Staff gift co-lead Signed Up: 1 / 1

Teacher Appreciation Week Coordinators Signed Up: 0 / 5

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LOST AND FOUND Signed Up: 0 / 0

Lead Signed Up: 1 / 1

BAKE SALE Signed Up: 0 / 0

Bake sales are held at Grattan as a community event, though they do raise money they are mostly aimed at creating and fostering community for the school.

Bake Sale Leads Signed Up: 1 / 2

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