Grattan loves our volunteers! !! 

There are jobs big and small with all levels of interest and time commitment.  

We are currently recruiting for the following roles for this year and next.  



Positions (1/15 filled)

Committee Lead Signed Up: 3 / 3

GASP Board Signed Up: 3 / 15

Comprised of parents of children attending GASP, the GASP Director and our Principal. This Board oversees the management of GASP in all aspects from budget, program offerings to safety and personel.
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Inclusion Committee Signed Up: 2 / 50

This committee plans the promotion, education, and support of school-wide awareness, acceptance and integration of children with special needs and their families. Helps to plan the spring Inclusion Carnival.
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Events Committee Signed Up: 1 / 50

Help organizing events that are critical in bringing our school community together and creating memories for our kiddos! These include the Halloween carnival, our booth at the Cole Valley Fair and more!
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Translation Committee Signed Up: 1 / 50

Help translate to ensure all families feel included. May involve translating print or reaching out via phone or email to families
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Fun Run Signed Up: 1 / 50

Well loved event where children celebrate health through exercise while raising money for Grattan. Students walk or run as many laps as they can around the school.
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Green Up + Clean Up Signed Up: 2 / 50

Help organize event to green-up our school, add new plants to our garden and enjoy outdoor time with friends.
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Film Fest Signed Up: 0 / 50

Help organizing this Fall event where the families meet up and watch a movie under the stars on the Middle Yard
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Book Swap and Literacy committee Signed Up: 1 / 50

Help with library maintenance and events such as the Great Grattan Book Swap!
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Fun Fest Signed Up: 5 / 50

School carnival for the whole family with food trucks, music, prizes, games and activities organized by booths
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Green Action Committee Signed Up: 0 / 50

Get actively involved in projects related to SFUSD's sustainability goals. These include gardening projects, organizing Safe Routes to School events, promoting the Every Day is Earth Day campaign and much more!
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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee Signed Up: 3 / 50

Join Grattan's DEI team to help keep DEI at the forefront of all of our work!
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Welcoming Committee Signed Up: 0 / 50

Help new families feel part of Grattan! Efforts kick off in the spring when new families receive their SFUSD assignment
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Graduation Committee Signed Up: 5 / 25

4th and 5th Grade parents help coordinate graduation ceremony, yearbook and graduation celebration!
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General Interest Signed Up: 0 / 50

Want to help but interested in something other than listed above? Sign up here and we will contact you.
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