Carbon Free Fun Friday
Leave your car behind and participate in Car(bon) Free Fun Friday the first Friday of every month. These monthly events are to promote safe and active routes to school and are sponsored by the Safe Routes to School program. Grattan families are encouraged to come to school in one of the four fun ways: Walking, Biking, Carpooling and Muni-ing. Not only does this ease traffic congestion and parking woes it's fun and healthy to get to school without a car!! Snacks and prizes will be handed out to all the students who come one of the (4) carbon fee ways. The classroom with the most participants will be the winner of the "Golden Sneaker" for that corresponding month. Walking School Buses are groups of children walking to school with one or more trusted adults. Families are encouraged to join an existing group or volunteer to lead a group from any neighborhood. If you live some distance from the school you can park and join a group. Bike train is a group of children and adults riding bikes together from a pre-determined meeting spot. We are actively looking for more families to start a walking school bus or bike train in their neighborhoods. Please contact Lauranne or Mark to get involved