AMAZING Clothing Drive!
Fri, Feb 1 12:37pm

Thank you to all the Hawk families for dropping off 3,082 pounds over a week that raised $721.74 for Hacienda HIPS activities!


3,082 pounds  = 1 Hippo or Buffalo

$721.74 = Lots of HIPS Activities


That exceeded our $500 goal by almost 40%!  Great job everyone!


Let us know some of your stories of how great it feels to clean out a closet or garage.  How about knowing that someone else will love finding your treasure, giving your stuff another life, saving it from the waste dump.  It was great seeing students helping their families bring in bag after bag of donations.


A huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped load up the final truck and minivan and deliver it to the donation drop off.  It was a great way to volunteer a few minutes of hard labor for our school.  THANK YOU!  (Keep this project in mind if you want to get some easy volunteer hours in!)


Please fill out this survey to give us feedback about the event (even if you didn't donate) and help us plan for similar events in the future.