All I Want for Christmas is Yoouuuuuuuuuuu (on the Auction Committee)!
Tue, Dec 17 12:59pm
That famous song, ALSO FROM THE 90S, is finally seeing its day on the top of the #1 charts 25 years later, and we want this EVENT to be #1 as well! 
Please help us meet our COMMITTEE GOAL BEFORE THE HOLIDAY BREAK: Goal #1 is to HAVE FUN as a parent community! However, as an auction, we also want to raise money for HIPS through the live and silent auction, which all go towards making our school the awesome magnet we know and love. To get such items donated takes works, AND A TEAM, to solicit local businesses (a template letter will be provided to you and postage will be reimbursed). We have a lot to go on from last year but need parents to fill the roles and get letters out in January. Without a team committed to reaching out for donations... there is nothing to auction off... and thus, no auction. Please consider being a part of this most important role/team. It can be done largely from the comfort of your own home or office, possibly with your favorite 90s programming on in the background.  


Committee direct link can be found at: 



This year's theme has been voted on (via the survey after last year's event) and decided- We're going back, back to the 90's, 90's! Fan Favorites, like Friends, came out 25 years ago (eek!)... but if you walk into Macy's this holiday season, you'll see that's just long enough for everything to come full circle, and those styles are baaacckkkkkkkk! 


So, whether you are excited about buying something new (what's old is new again!), raiding your old bedroom when you go visit Gramma's home for the holidays, or just enjoy a good trip to your local thrift store,  keep your eye out for nostalgic gems and you might just win the costume contest this year! Feel like a girl's night out? The Spice Girls are calling your name! Couples costume? Kelly Kapowski and Zac Morris might be right up your ally. A solo night out with your pals- TGIF characters abound ("Did I do that?!?!") The auction chairs have even found a perfectly 90s venue off-site willing to give our school a discount in order to keep ticket prices nearly the same!