Art Vistas Volunteer Orientation
Wed, Sep 12 9:00am-10:30am
1 day before

Come learn how you can help your child participate in an art enrichment class known as Art Vistas. No art experience is required. All materials are provided during classes. We just need you to help out!

This is a great way to let your inner artist shine! Your child will love to see you assist during their Art Vistas class. You can watch them and their fellow classmates be inspired and produce artwork that will be displayed later on in the year at an Art Exhibit. Come volunteer and make their Art Vistas experience a success!

Volunteers are needed to be classroom docents (the people who teach lessons to a class), helpers (who assist the docents on lesson days) and behind the scenes prep and/or clean up at each grade level throughout the school year.

Send a message anytime to or join our Art Vistas social group on Konstella. Thank you!