Back to School Night
Tue, Aug 31 5:00pm-7:00pm
WebEx Virtual Meeting

This year Back to School Night event will be a live virtual presentation from your classroom teacher.  Each classroom will do two identical 15 minute WebEx presentations with a short question and answer period to follow.  Your teachers will communicate more regarding the evening and provide you with the link to join their live virtual classroom presentation. Please note that teachers may not be able to get to all questions during the question and answer period, but will be available via email for any clarification or information you may need. 


An email will be sent on Tuesday at 3pm with a reminder of the event and links to our Music, Science, PE, and RSP's brief question and answer sessions. 

Below is our schedule of events:

PreK - 2nd Grade
5:00-5:20 = Presentation #1
5:20-5:27 = ? & Answer
*5:20-5:35 = Science and Music Q&A;
5:30-5:50 = Presentation #2
5:50-5:57 = ? & Answer

3rd - 5th Grade
6:00-6:20 = Presentation #1
6:20-6:27 = ? & Answer
*6:20-6:35 = PE and RSP Q&A;
6:30-6:50 = Presentation #2
6:50-6:57 = ? & Answer