Calling all PESTS!
Tue, Aug 14 9:48pm

Hello Hacienda Families,

Were you a PEST last school year? (PESTS stands for “Parents Encouraging Superior Teachers and Staff.”) We are looking for all our amazing PEST families from last year.

If you were a PEST email us at (note: there is no .com, just .rocks)
Please include:
Your name, student/s name, who you were a PEST for, if you revealed yourself or if you kept it
anonymous. If you know that you would like to be a PEST this school year, already know who you would like to be a PEST for, please let us know that as well.

We will be sending another blast out soon calling for all new PEST interest or go ahead and visit the PESTS Sign-Up page now!


Happy PESTing,
Cathy & Sarah
Your PEST Coordinators