Earth Day Celebration - April 19th - Parents are welcome!
Fri, Apr 19 12:30pm-2:50pm
Hacienda Environmental Science Magnet
1 day before, 3 days before, 8 days before

On Friday, April 19th  Hacienda students we will be celebrating Earth Day as a community. The schedules for visiting the Earth Day Expo and rotating to other classrooms will be confirmed closer to the date but our community celebration will be two-fold:

First will be our shared lunchtime with a picnic on the grass. Grades 1-5 will be having lunch from 11:50 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.  Students are encouraged to bring blankets and enjoy eating lunch picnic-style on the lawn.  Please note: Kindergartners will be eating lunch at their regular time (11:00 A.M.) outside on the kinder yard,

After lunch is over at 12:30 PM our second part of the community celebration will begin. Parents are welcome to attend and enjoy the music and activities. Please wear a hat and sunscreen and bring a reusable bottle of water!

Again this year we are encouraging students to wear grade level shirts to make a beautiful Hacienda rainbow. Here is a breakdown:

        5th grade - science camp tie-dye
        4th grade - red shirts
        3rd grade - white shirts
        2nd grade - fish print shirts
        1st grade - navy blue shirts
        Kindergarten - hunter green shirts
Thank you!