HIPS Annual Board Election - Nominations Open for 2020-2021
Mon, Mar 9 1:10pm

As a non-profit organization, HIPS' bylaws state the Executive Board slate, 9 voting + 2 non-voting positions (see detailed roles below), is to be presented at the HIPS April meeting and elections at May meeting.  At this time, the Nomination Committee seeks volunteers to lead the Board for School Year 2020-2021.  

If you (or your shy friend) are interested in a position, please let a member of the Nomination Committee know by April 3rd!  

 HIPS Rocks - I hope you consider leading this amazing 'band'!  

 The Nomination Committee (Heather Stenshamn, Chair; Elisa Crosby; Krista Taormina; and Nancy Minicucci)


  1. President: shall generally supervise, direct and control the activities and affairs and the Board members of the association. The President shall preside at all general membership HIPS meetings and all Executive Board Meetings. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee. 

  2. Vice President - Fundraising & Events: shall be responsible and maintain HIPS calendar of events and fundraisers; oversight of all fundraising event committees and activities; and organize and lead planning meetings for upcoming school year events and fundraising in spring.

  3. (NEW) Vice President - Programs & Activities: shall be responsible for HIPS sponsored assemblies; and oversight of all HIPS parent lead programs and non-fundraising events (i.e. Star Party, Teacher Appreciation, Art Show, etc); and work with Vice President - Events & Fundraising to coordinate HIPS calendar of events. 

  4. Vice President - Communications: shall be responsible for communicating details of all HIPS sponsored and school related programs, including oversight of the HIPS newsletter, website, Konstella, and notifications via social media; and administration of Board google drive and gmail accounts.

  5. Vice President - Volunteer and Recognition: is responsible for creating and maintaining a system to track volunteer leads for events, committees and programs; to promote and recruit volunteer opportunities to HIPS members by organizing volunteer recruitment fairs at the commencement of school and assist organizing volunteers for HIPS sponsored events throughout the school year; and share appreciation and recognition of key volunteers and HIPster recipients.

  6. Secretary: shall keep a book of minutes of all Board and general membership meetings. The Secretary shall also keep, or cause to be kept, at the principal office in the State of California, a copy of the Bylaws, as amended to date. Also, give notice of all meetings of the general membership. 

  7. Treasurer: shall keep or maintain adequate books and accounts of transactions of the association, and provide financial statements and reports as are required by law; approve disbursement of funds as submitted by the Assistant Treasurer, Accounts Payable for payment or ordered by the Board; manage deposits made by Assistant Treasurer, Accounts Receivable; manage transactions via Konstella or other third party collection and payment services; and lead Budget Committee and propose a budget for upcoming school year. 

  8.  Auditor: shall review the Treasurer's books and organization’s processes semi-annually and report findings to the Board and to membership. 

  9. Parliamentarian: shall be the immediate past President or if not possible a previous member of the Executive Committee; shall chair the Nominating committee and serve as advisor to the Executive Board.


  • Assistant Treasurer-Accounts Payable: shall submit to the Treasurer the required paperwork for any disbursement requests received in accordance with the disbursement policy; and record transactions in the accounting software.

  •  Assistant Treasurer-Accounts Receivable: shall recount and deposit all money and valuables in the financial institution account and record transactions in the accounting software.