HIPS Board Recruiting a Treasurer
Sun, Jun 2 9:34pm

You may have heard that a critical position on the HIPS Board next year is still available.  We have  reviewed our pool of talented volunteers that we know, so now we are asking YOU to reach out and ask other parents in your class and families members who might be trustworthy and interested in helping with some of the more technical portions of the job.


This is a wonderful opportunity to use your financial talents for a great cause while getting real world experience with a successful and well organized non-profit organization.  The position is stable and tasks well defined.

Key roles are: 

  1. Monthly Reporting and reconciliation: using Quickbooks Online the bank statement is reconciled and reports provided at monthly Board meetings and general membership meetings.  
  2. Disbursement of money and valuables:  the Treasurer shall approve the disbursement of the funds the Assistant Treasurer, Accounts Payable writes the checks and verifies supporting documentation.  
  3. Budget:  leads the Budget Committee meetings twice a year for approval by the Board and general membership in April/May and August/September.