HIPS Family Fun Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
Wed, Feb 10 - Wed, Feb 24
San Jose Neighborhoods Serving SJUSD Students!
THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the scavenger hunt and filled out the survey to win PRIZES!!!! If you have not done so yet, please CLICK HERE to fill out a very short form with your contact details and make sure to mark your FAVORITE spot, in order to be entered to win the participation random drawing. Winners will be picked and notified this weekend. If you didn't have a chance to take the journey, save the map and enjoy the trip any time in the future. Stay tuned for our SPRING Family Fun Event, and if you want to help with planning for the next event, sign up on the Konstella committee list. Stay healthy and thank you for being a part of HIPS!
First, thank you to the Hawk-stars who helped to shape the next amazing HIPS event: a car scavenger hunt!  The goal was to create a Covid-safe scavenger hunt for families to enjoy from the safety of their car while traversing the neighborhood looking for notable landmarks and unique items- and you delivered! From HUGE colorful murals, to small front yard displays, this scavenger hunt has the quirky, the historical, the educational, and everything in between. 
So how does this work? Easy-peasy, low key, designed for families to fit into THEIR schedule. You will have TWO WEEKS to drive to the locations on the list (below and attached), including over mid-winter break. You may do it all in one longer drive (designed to take about an hour to 90 minutes, give or take, and dependent on traffic), or break it into chunks to see a few new places each day. Items on the map are listed from south to north in what Google maps determined to be "the best route," but you may visit them in any order you choose. The map is digital, but may be easier to reference if printed out as well (pdf provided below).
What do you do on the hunt? Enjoy the view! This can be as low key or intensive as suits your own family. Want to pull over and take a picture at each location? Great! (There will be a spot to optionally upload photos to be used for the yearbook on the link below) Prefer to "Google it" when at each location to learn more? Fantastic! Prefer to simply drive by and point without ever stopping, as a baby sleeps in the back seat? Not a problem! ALL items were designed with safety in mind, so should be fully visible from your car. If your family comfort level is such that you would like to get out of the car, please remember these very important things: Show Hawk Spirit by abiding by all current laws and health restrictions (wear you mask, stay 6' apart from non-household groups, etc.), do not enter private property (ex: the Grateful Dead house), and if you choose to get out at spots like the Good Juju Tree & rainbow wings to take pictures, or the chickens & labyrinth to stretch your legs and walk in circles, please wait in the car if another group beat you there until the coast is all clear. 
There are THREE Little Free Libraries ("LFL"s to save space in the map description), so if you have any books you're a little tired of and want to swap out for a new literary adventure, please bring them along to take/swap/replace! The 3rd LFL is also a food and toy pantry, where they encourage you to "take what you need and share what you can," so feel free to participate in this as well. 
PRIZES!!!! How do you enter the drawing after you've completed the hunt?!?!?!??! CLICK HERE to fill out a very short form with your contact details and make sure to mark your FAVORITE spot, as all entries submitted by HIPS families that were selected are also up for a prize! Winners (to be randomly selected amongst all entries at the end of the two week period) will win an iJava* gift card to have a round of family hot coco (or items of your choosing) to celebrate your victory!!!
*iJava is one of the many struggling local businesses and a Hacienda favorite among staff and the community. If you want to grab your own coco to go while you do the hunt, it would be a great stop to add right before visiting Stop #2!!!