HIPS Membership Meeting
Hacienda Environmental Science Magnet

Please join us for our  next HIPS membership meeting of the 2020-21 school year. Learn about HIPS programs, events and volunteer opportunities. Please refer to https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BTkLCcRh6aSYk8l0o215E8chsWbxu4iF?usp=sharing for all meeting handouts.  

ZOOM Meeting details:


Meeting ID: 949 7493 0799

Passcode: 5vyZdZ

We will be making every effort to abide by Robert's Rules of Order in maintaining an orderly meeting, though we don't intend for it to be terribly formal.  If you have new business to discuss/ideas/etc.  please understand that we are excited to hear it, and there is time reserved for those topics.

Tue, Jan 19 7:00pm

Tue, Feb 9 7:00pm

Tue, Mar 16 7:00pm

Tue, Apr 20 7:00pm

Tue, May 18 7:00pm