HIPS Star Party, Logowear & Giving Drive Reward Pickup
Thu, Dec 3 3:15pm-4:30pm
Hacienda -Kimberly Drive parking lot near the front office
1 day before

DRIVE-THROUGH REMINDERS through the front parking lot on Kimberly Drive : 

1)Families are to remain in their car at all times with a mask on
2)Star Party pick up: please create a sign with: LAST NAME, GRADE and Quantity of kits

SEE YOU  AT 3:15-4:30PM!

It's pick up for your Star Party Craft kit! Drive through the front parking lot on Kimberly Drive. 

Items to pick up at this time: 

*Star Party Craft Kit reserved

*Annual Drive reward packet 

*Logowear - place your order online: https://hacienda-involved-parents.square.site/


Star Party event details can be found HERE

Thank you for your continued support! 

-HIPS Board & Event teams