HIPSters - Announcing the Recipients of the Month
Mon, Feb 3 11:20am

The HIPS Board kindly announces the HIPSters recipients who were nominated for their rocking efforts to HIPS, Hacienda and our students.   This is a new recognition program to give a special shout out and kudos to our amazing Hacienda Community.


We are so grateful to those who nominated candidates and we seek your continued participation monthly via this Konstella post: https://tinyurl.com/w5l4e2x



David Doyon
"David has a very special and unique way to teaching children. My child has been more productive this year than he was with last years teacher. David uses music to teach this really helps connect with my child in learning."
Darlene Bursch
"Darlene has been helping the kinders in room 2 with the sprouts program. She's been helping prepare and teach the lessons. Recently, she spent many hours building, designing, and painting a beautiful and amazing garden sign for room 2."
Melissa Quinn
"Melissa supports our Hawk kids in many roles. Her project skills shined as the Kinder kickoff lead and it was an awesome day for our new families. She volunteers in her childrens' classrooms, cares for the Outdoor Classroom, or you may see her as a substitute teacher!"
Garrett Brisbee
"Garrett loves Hacienda even when his kids have promoted to middle school, he offered his skills to ensure Fall Festival was the best.  He was our lighting guy, ordering, ensured delivery, set up, taught a future lead so Hacienda wasn't in the dark!! "
Jessica Harmon
"Our parent lead programs are the best because of leads like Jessica, she is part of the Sprouts core team.  With only one year of Hacienda gardening, Jessica leads training, works behind the scenes preparing bins, and leads her child's class garden. Jessica is an active classroom volunteer and always sprouts a smile!"
Carolyn McCleve
"Carolyn is a dedicated supporter of Sprouts for 5 years as a classroom docent, helping with other classrooms and most importantly part of the core team.  This year she leads the training and key contact for Grades 3-5, leading two 4th grade classes and always growing amazing green sprouts at Hacienda and at home!  Carolyn also volunteers in her childrens' classrooms, cares for the Outdoor Classroom, or you may see her as a substitute teacher!"
Athena Unze
"Mrs. Unze goes above and beyond to help her children in her class and even more for those children with special needs or that require more one on one attention. Very few people have a  Genuine Heart to teach as she does!"

Jennifer Kung

"Behind the scenes, Jennifer played a critical role in the success of Fall Festival. Jennifer organized volunteers needs, outreached and managed volunteers leading up to and on site at the event, organized event signage, both leading up to and on site, and contributed to pre and post communication school-wide. She's super organized, efficient and great to work with!"


Maggie Hollenbeck

"Cleaning the FDR and keeping it tidy. Mrs. Hollenbeck goes above and beyond to make Hacienda SPARKLE! Way to be an awesome teacher, colleague and Hawk Star!!!"


Elizabeth Pintar

"She is out their every morning, rain or shine, greeting the kids with their name. She is the best with great smile and positive energy and co-leads HIPS PEST program in addition to active work in her daughter's classroom and as a substitute teacher."



Heather Goldberg

"Her leadership and efficient work means showed true during the Annual Drive Campaign and continues. She is a pleasure to work with, witty and engaged many new volunteers during the drive. Heather is active in her children's classroom and has a heart for all Hacienda Hawks."


Bridget Johns

"Bridget is always volunteering, donating, and contributing. She  lead the September Movie Night event and also organized and ran the prize booth during this year’s fall festival which is a tremendous amount of work and management. She delightful, witty, kind, generous, and an active an engaged parent at the school"


Celina Lombardo

"The Annual Drive was a success with Mrs. Lombardo as our supporting link with staff. She motivated her peers and her classroom parents to ensure HIPS' success."



Krista Taormina

"As an active parent in the classroom, more secretly you can always find Krista in the Art Vista room planning, creating or training for our future Artists. Her commitment as Art Vista co-lead ensures the program will be a success! Krista smile is welcoming around campus and at HIPS meetings."


Jessica Owen

"As the Art Vista docent for her children's classes and often others, Jess is truly devoted to art on campus. Her commitment as Art Vista co-lead ensures the program will be a success for many years to come."


Vicky Bonfiglio

"In addition to subbing (usually at the last minute), she volunteers for almost everything in two classrooms. She also gives her time freely to create gifts for staff or provide activities for the kids at recess and beyond."


Thank you to the above  HIPSter recipients and all volunteers in our Hacienda Community!

HIPS Board 2019-2020