Heads Up! ALL Classrooms, Social Groups & Committees Will Be ARCHIVED on 8/13!!!!!!!!!
Sat, Aug 3 11:58am

To start a new school year, all Konstella settings will be archived to make room for all the exciting things coming up in the new year. If there are any pictures, downloaded files, or other items you would like to "save" before this occurs, please do so before the 13th. 


For committee leads who have uploaded documents you want accessible to the group year after year, please contact me so I can make a permanent link for you through our associated HIPS GDrive account. (This link can then be added to Konstella). 


All classrooms will be "new" and ready for you to re-add yourself the night rosters are posted. You will NOT need to re-register for Konstella, you will simply select your child's new classroom, when prompted, the first time you sign in on or after the 13th.  For people who would like to continue on with a group or committee, you can also re-add yourself at that time as well.