Help to bring the Night Forest to life at Fall Festival
Mon, Oct 8 3:10pm

This year the science department is offering a new attraction at Fall Festival: The Night Forest! Guided tours will be led by teachers and staff through the Outdoor Classroom to experience the forest at night.  Inspired by the Louisville Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular, we want to fill the Outdoor Classroom with glowing Jack-O-Lanterns.


In order to make this vision a reality, we need the help of the entire Hacienda Community. How can you help? Bring a carved Jack-O-Lantern to the Science Office on Thursday 10/18 or Friday 10/19. Your creation will be on display in the Night Forest for all to enjoy! 


Bring as many carved Jack-O-Lanterns as you would like. You may pick your creation up at the end of Fall Festival to display at home or donate it to the Hacienda compost pile!


Don't forget to come visit the Night Forest at Fall Festival!