Hi-Five October Break Camp!
Tue, Sep 27 9:03pm
Thanks to all the parents who have already enrolled in October Break Camp from Oct 3rd till Oct 7th, 2022. A gentle reminder to parents who are hoping to get enrolled, Please plan to get the enrollment completed for October break using the link below,  we love to have your children at break camps, 
Wish to inform you that we are offering a 'Special Discounted Price' to 'Hacienda Hi-Five October Break Camp'.  We have limited slots for 'Break Camps' and wanted to inform that all enrollments are FCFS. The operating time will be on 3 slots that you should need to enable the time slots during the enrollment, 
1. Before Camp Enrollment - 7 am till 9 am 
2. Break Camp Program     -  9 am till 3 p.m.  - STEAM, SEL & Sports Enrichment programs will be conducted during this slot. During Friday's Rally, this slot might get extended. 
3. After-School Program      - 3 pm till 5 pm 
Please feel free to use the below break camp links for enrollments. We have published all 4 break camp links below for your ease of enrollment for the school year. 
October Break Camp: Oct 3rd till Oct 7th, 2022
Jan Break Camp - Jan 2nd till 6th, 2022
Feb Break Camp - Feb 20th till Feb 24th, 2022
Apr Break Camp - Apr 10th till Apr 14th, 2022
DocuSign Documentation:
As per the summer camp feedback, we have moved all documentation to 'DocuSign' (Online) so you need not do any documentation drop-off or collections during your drop-off.  We have made it seamless so you could drop your children by just entering your procare sign-in pin. The pinis will also remain the same. The docusign includes 'Waiver', 'Photo Release' and 'Health History Consent for no change' or 'New Health History Form'.
Break Camp Teachers & Coaches:
You children will enjoy the 'Break Camps' with the same coaches they had fun during 'Summer Camp' with the addition of more talented teachers and coaches. 
Cancellation Policy:
We will not be able to cancel your enrollment or offer refunds but you could move the 'Enrollments' to any of the 4 breaks camps offered or offered as 'Credit' for future use.
Objective of Break Camp:
The overall goal of our Hi-Five Break Camp program is to provide a safe and fun place for kids to learn, laugh, grow and make friends under the supervision of caring, qualified and positive role models. You children will enjoy time with us and learn grade level programs on STEAM, SEL and Sports.
Masks are optional to students at Camp for both Indoor & Outdoor, following the Hacienda school policy. 
Please do not delay your enrollment, do it immediately to accommodate your children. Thanks for your enrollment and looking forward to see you again in Oct'22 break camp,  
If you have any questions or clarification, please feel free to reach out to us  at hacienda@hifivesanjose.com or call 408-568-3674.