Kids in Motion
Fri, May 24 9:15am-10:40am
Hacienda Environmental Science Magnet
Kids in Motion is Hacienda's all-school dance and movement performance, which is a favorite for many.  Each grade level, from Kindergarten to 5th grade, will perform a dance together and will also participate in the all-school dance from their seats.  Parents are invited to attend and can watch from behind the student chairs.  (9-9:30, Hacienda T-Shirts will be available for donors with vouchers from the Annual Giving Drive.)

Each grade level is wearing a particular colored shirt. It is NOT free dress day.  Students still wear Hacienda uniform bottoms (shorts/pants/skirts).

        ​Kinder/SDC = HUNTER GREEN shirt  

        1st Grade = NAVY BLUE shirt    

        2nd Grade = PAINTED TROUT SHIRT

        3rd Grade = WHITE shirt

        4th Grade = RED shirt 

        5th Grade = TIE-DYE shirt​

  • 9:15a - Setup: All students will bring chairs from their classroom to sit around the perimeter of the dance area.
  • 9:30a - Kids in Motion performance starts.  The show will kick-off with a special number by our after-school band followed by several upper-grade students dancing to a song they learned in P.E. with Coach Graham.
  • After Kids in Motion, a few special Spring Fling awards will be presented by HIPS. Spring Fling award ceremony to honor the longest walkers "Out of Neverland" and the coveted Golden Shoes are awarded to classes who collectively walked the longest.
  • 10:40am - The estimated time that students will return to class at the conclusion of the event. 


At this time there is no back-up plan in case of rain, so let's hope Mother Nature gets all the rain out in the next several days, so it's clear (or at least DRY!) for Kids in Motion!


Video will be recorded and available after the performance.


After the performance, students will return to their classes.  Animal Holding (volunteer sign up) will be available during lunch.  After lunch, students will return outside to enjoy Field Day with fun outdoor activities.  Parent volunteers are encouraged (Sign Up), but are not required to stay after Kids in Motion.