Konstella Update for Androids/Non-Apple in App Stores
Mon, May 22 8:02pm

Konstella has had multiple updates in the last few weeks! If you aren't on V4.3.1 please select "update" in the app store. There have been a few reports of some things looking a bit wonky or push notifications not working, and these will all be resolved with the update. 


PS Please remember Konstella is a WEB-BASED product as its first and most functional product. The app is a support feature used mainly for messaging, push notifications, and a calendar at a glance. It is not for creating or updating events, and can only be used for purchases on the Apple version of the app. The website is always the first and primary source for all things Konstella. 


Other Konstella Help and Guides (always available at the bottom of every HIPS newsletter):