Konstella has a calendar!
Wed, Nov 16 2:06pm

Konstella has a calendar!

Did you know that Konstella has a school-wide calendar feature and it's already preloaded with most of the upcoming events for the rest of the year? We know parents need to plan and hope this useful tool helps you do just that! Each committee, classroom, social group, as well as schoolwide events, will show up as a different color to help you know which is which. No two people's calendars will look the same, as no two parents will have identical classrooms and committee signups. However, here is a sample calendar of what you will see on a monthly view. So, based on the example below, if you aren't on the Sprouts committee (join- it’s fun! =)), you would not see the green. If you don't need to sell 300 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in February, there would be no purple! The blue whole-school events are the only dates everyone is guaranteed to see. The more committees, classrooms, and social groups you are a part of, the more full your calendar will look. (*Anyone can create a social group for any reason. You will see ones for people in certain neighborhoods, carpooling, hiking and biking, after-school non-HIPS activities, and more!) 

I always, always, always (did I say ALWAYS?!?) recommend you use the web-based version of Konstella if that is an option to you. It is both easier to use AND has more options, like setting up a classroom event for signups. This is what it will look like on the WEB version if you click “HACIENDA” on the top left, as highlighted below, and then click “calendar.” 


From your phone/app, your default view is the newsfeed, which shows recently published activities within all your groups. Click the NEXT option over to the right, which says “Calendar”:

Dont Stop There- Sync Your Calendar!

One of the coolest features of Konstella is an integrated calendar containing all of the classroom and school-wide events that are relevant to you. No more hand-entering dates into your personal calendar, you can now simply sync from Konstella and get updates as they occur. Sync once and you'll stay up to date all year long!!!

Mobile App: (Note- I ALWAYS prefer the desktop version, as the app is most valuable for quick messaging and reading announcements) From your main feed, tap Calendar and then tap Sync just to the right of the month name. Note that if you are a Google calendar user on an iPhone, you cannot choose to sync to a Google calendar. Please use the web version in this situation. 

Web Browser/Desktop: Click HACIENDA from the main menu, click Calendar and then click "Sync To My Calendar" just to the right of the month name.