Looking for more PESTS!
Thu, Sep 6 5:40pm

Hello Hacienda Families,


Our PEST program is still in need of PESTS for this school year. Our goal is to have a PEST for every staff member here at Hacienda which is about 55 people. We are still looking to fill about 30 slots. It’s an easy appreciation program for our teachers and staff.

In the PEST Program, parent volunteers sign up to be a “secret pal” to a teacher or staff member for the entire school year. About once per month, you will leave your PEST anonymous tokens of appreciation. These gifts can be gift cards, flowers from your garden, a handwritten note, or a treat. If you are interested in being a PEST (Parents Encouraging Superior Teachers and Staff) email us at pests@hips.rocks or sign up on the PESTS committee. Let us know ASAP.


We have had many staff members over the years never be a PEST recipient, we would really like to change that this year and have a PEST for everyone. Every single member of Hacienda’s staff, helps to make Hacienda the school we love! Let’s help show how much we appreciate what they do for our kids!


Thank you,

Cathy & Sarah

PEST Coordinators