Monday Summer Garden Bed Waterers VOLUNTEER SIGNUP
Weekly on and Mondays from Jun 5, 2023 to Sep 2, 2023
SPROUTS Garden Program

Hello Hacienda Families,
The Sprouts Garden Program is in need of a few additional volunteers to water some of the Sprouts garden beds over the summer. The plants growing over the summer include tomatoes, mini pumpkins, sunflowers, and green beans to name a few. Please consider signing up for watering shifts if you are able. Thank you so much for your support and please contact Anna Marvin with any questions about the summer watering. Watering instructions with garden bed maps are detailed below.

The plants need WATER to ensure they grow.  We appreciate if you can assist.  Details for summer watering are as follows:

Lower grade beds (see map for more details):

  • 1st grade beds for Escalante, Hamilton, and Brown
  • 2nd grade beds for Unze, Pham, and Griffeth
  • Native pollinator beds once per week (Wednesdays) which are located near 2nd grade classrooms and the library

Upper grade beds (see map for more details):

  • 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade beds
  • Four NASA tomato plants in containers located next to 3rd and 5th grade beds
  • 4th grade McClure bed located outside classroom 22 (turn drip hose on for approximately 20 minutes or use the regular hose to hand water)

Video with key steps:

Gardens can be watered any time of day although afternoon is ideal so soil stays moist overnight (wet soil can be protective for the plant roots in cold weather).  If you water during school hours, you will need to be cleared as a volunteer and please remember to check in and out at the front office. You will need a watering key, which you can find in the following places: 

1) Sprouts now has a limited supply of watering keys to give to volunteers so that you do not need to borrow one each time. Please send a message to Anna Marvin in Konstella if you would like one.

2) Shared watering keys are in the Sprouts toolbox located outside the music room near the cafeteria. Open the box (lock code is 1290). Two keys are hanging on a string to borrow. Please return immediately after using.

3) Watering keys can also be borrowed from the following classrooms: Hollenbeck, Escalante, and Griffeth (hanging up on the classroom wall near door). Please return immediately after using.

You may notice that we have a few new high quality hoses in the lower garden beds (they are also drinking water safe and lead free!). Please be sure to show your Hawk Spirit when watering with the new hoses by coiling the hoses when finished and being gentle with the hose fittings so that Sprouts may enjoy these new hoses for years to come. Please also ensure the hoses aren't accidentally coiled on top of any of the plants.

Check the weather beforehand. If rain is in the forecast and if plants are large, less water is needed so it is okay to skip watering. 

Any questions, contact us at or send a message in the Sprouts Konstella group. Thank you!