National BOX TOP$ Week
Sun, Sep 16 9:15pm

A BIG Thank You to all the families that have participated in this Box Top collection drive so far! We are two weeks into the drive and are off to a good start.

This week is National Box Tops Week!  We would like to celebrate by continuing to collect all the box Tops in our community as possible. Ask your neighbors, friends, co-workers, aunts, uncles, grandparents anyone and everyone you know! The more we collect the more money our school will receive.




  • Every Box Top is worth 10 cents
  • Bring BOX TOPS in an envelope or baggy to your teacher with his/her name on it
  • Clip your BOX TOPS as close to the dotted line as possible
  • Please do not glue/tape BOX TOPS to paper or Anything else


  • Happy Clipping ☺