New HIPS Board, Showing Their Hawk Spirit
Thu, Jun 6 11:49am

On behalf of the officers who made up the 2018-19 HIPS Board, I want to congratulate all of our amazing  Hawks for completing another year.   This year was certainly characterized by change, bringing new Principal, staff and some new HIPS traditions. 


Please welcome to the new 2019-20 HIPS board, who will continue showing their Hawk Spirit all next year.  Please reach out to them over the summer with feedback, ideas, and excitement to prepare for next year. 


Here they are show starting a new tradition, the new officers taking the HIPS Board "oath".

 And the new board officers:

 Incoming Officers Pictured (left to right): Goody Riley (Co-Secretary), Keely Elizabeth Berg (Communications), Carol Bonilla (Community Outreach),  Ellin Payne (President), Nancy Minicucci (Parliamentarian), Debbie Cuppu (Accounts Receivable). Elisa Crosby (Auditor), Lisa Schaefer (Events & Fundraising), Vito Lippolis (Accounts Payable) , Not Pictured: Fitan Khalil (Co-Secretary)


And the outgoing board:

Outgoing Officers Pictured (left to right): Heather Stenshamn (Treasurer), Carol Bonilla (Co-Secretary),  Debbie Cuppu (Accts Payable), Nancy Minicucci (Events & Fundraising), Michael Elliott (President), Ryan Benech (Comms), Elisa Crosby (Auditor), Michelle Scripoch (Accts Receivable), Melissa Belur (Parliamentarian), Muriel Mawdsley (Community Outreach), Not Pictured: Fitan Khalil (Co-Secretary)


Thank you!