Online Videos of Musical Performances Available!
Tue, Mar 5 10:28am

For upcoming performances, watch your students' music performances in HD at from your web browser, mobile device, or smart TV.

To Watch Video:

  1. Purchase via Konstella Sale (only sent to classes when the  performances is made available online.)
  2. Check email for password printed on the donation receipt.
  3. Visit\videos and enter password.  Easily watch on your smart TV via Vimeo’s “Watch Later” feature.

This highly requested program is replacing our popular DVD sales that supports our fabulous HIPS music program.  Careful planning has gone into selecting a video platform that protects privacy while supporting a wide range of devices, allowing you to privately share these special moments with family and friends with ease.

Only available to Parents/Guardians of Hacienda students, the password for viewing and download link are provided via an email when you purchase the video by donating to the HIPS music program via any Konstella "Video" sale (see More > Sales ).


Example email receipt with the password and download link:

When are the videos available?

Soon after the performance is recorded, the volunteer parent team uploads the video and Konstella Sale is sent shortly after.  Past performances will also be added as the original recordings become available and will stay until graduation.

The 1st Grade 2018 Holiday Performance is now available.   The 3rd/4th Grade performances being recorded Feb 13th and all future events will be posted shortly after being performed. is accessible to anyone, but the "sale" offering the password requires a Konstella account and is only shared with the classes that participated in the performance.

Can the video be download and archived?

Yes, click the download link sent in the receipt to download a .MP4 file of the performance to be archived with all other important moments. To protect students’ privacy, DO NOT upload to Facebook or Youtube.

Can these videos be shared with family?

Yes, is is OK to privately share the password and the link via email to family and friends.  To protect students’ privacy, DO NOT upload to Facebook or Youtube.

Want to Help? Sign up for Music Committee on Konstella.