Over 7,000 Box Tops Collected!
Wed, Nov 14 9:37am

The Box Tops totals are in…


First let me say that we should all give ourselves a warm round of applause for making our October Box Tops Drive a wonderful success!! We had 100% class participation and Together we brought in over 7,000 BOX TOPS!!




The following classes brought in 400 Box Tops or more:

 (teachers look for your certificate in your boxes)



Wickersham- 452



 I want to give a special shout out to our top three contributing classes, starting with:


Ms. McClure’s class pulling in 489 Box Tops. Great Job guys!


Our second biggest Box Tops contributors were Mr. Seymour’s class who brought in an awesome 527 Box Tops.


And last but not least, the class that brought in the most for this collection drive, making them the first place winner is Ms. Hollenbeck/Barnhart class with an amazing 536 Box Tops Congratulations!


Way to go hawks!!

A Huge Thank you to all the classes that participated we couldn’t of done it without all of your efforts.


Our next Box Tops challenge will be January 14th- February 8th 2019