PLEASE REVIEW IF you are getting a HAWK SPIRIT SHIRT to tie dye at Spring Fling
Thu, Apr 18 3:35am

Tie dying will begin at 10:00am. 

If you have not signed up for a time slot, then please do so at this Konstella link

If the time you are hoping for is already filled, please come to the tie dye booth at anytime of the day.  You may need to wait a bit but we will fit you in as soon as we can.

There will be a limited number of additional shirts available to purchase and tie dye for $20 each. 


Please follow these directions at Spring Fling:

1) Check in at the tie dye booth no more than 15 minutes before your time slot.  Please do not send your child alone to the booth. 

2)  You will receive a ziploc bag, labeled with your name and shirt size plus at home instructions for your shirt.

3) Do not wear anything that you do not want dyed.  Accidents happen, bottles get knocked over, drips happen.  Just giving you fair warning.

4) We will have small and large sized biodegradable gloves.  Put these on before you receive your shirt.  The shirts are soaked in a soda ash chemical.  This helps the dye stick to the fabric.

5)  When you receive your shirt from the volunteer, please DOUBLE CHECK you have the correct size that you ordered.

6) We will have a few simple design ideas with how to instructions to guide you.  Or you can be creative and make up your own.  At designated tables, you will tie your shirt with rubber bands.  Be sure the rubber bands are tight on your shirt, banded on at least 2-3 times.  Hopefully we'll have enough volunteers to be able to assist you if needed.

7) Next you will move to the tables where the fun really begins.  Find an open aluminum pan with a rack.  Place your shirt on top of the rack.  A variety of colorful squirt bottles filled with dye will be readily on hand to start coloring your shirt.  The dye flows out of the bottles quickly.  For each color, you will want to gently press the tip of the bottle onto the shirt so the dye soaks through.  Flip your shirt over and repeat. 

8) When you are finished, allow any excess dye to drip off in the pan before putting your shirt into the ziploc bag.  You are done.  Follow the instructions on the bag and enjoy your new Hacienda Hawk Spirit Shirt!


If you have any questions before Spring Fling, please contact Michelle Scripoch.