Saturday is Int'l Observe the Moon Night
Thu, Oct 14 11:42pm

Star Party Committee would like to share news from 'The Tech':

Saturday is International Observe the Moon night: Join scientists, astronomists and lunar enthusiasts around the world in appreciating the universal nightlight. Here are four things to look for while moon-gazing, brought to you by our friends at the Chabot Space and Science Center.

1.   Color
The dark gray spots we see on the moon are called maria, the Latin word for sea. They formed billions of years ago when asteroids cracked open the surface of the moon, spilling out pools of lava that dried up into dark, volcanic rock. 

2.   Crater
Craters on the moon are formed when space rocks, like asteroids and meteors, crash into its surface. The size of a crater is based on the size of the space rock and how fast it was traveling. Some are so big, they can fit entire cities inside of them!

3.   Streaks
The small white lines that you might see around a crater are called ejecta. They look like fireworks and are formed when moon dust is blasted across the surface during an asteroid impact.

4.   Shape
The shape, or phase, of the moon changes as it orbits around our planet. You can track how it moves from one phase to another by making observations each night over a few weeks.

Join our friends at Chabot Space and Science Center for a special Observe the Moon Night guided tour and Virtual Telescope Viewing.

Saturday, Oct. 16 at 8:30 p.m. 

Click on this link to take part!


Stay tuned for Hacienda's Star/Space party coming in Winter!! 

Let the stars shine over our hawks,

Hacienda Star Party Committee