Science Camp Fundraiser - Mixed Bags - (November 5th to 16th)
Mon, Nov 5
Hacienda Environmental Science Magnet


Our annual Science Camp fundraiser is underway, now through November 16th!

Back by popular demand, this year’s fundraiser is Mixed Bag Designs.  The company sells various styles and sizes of reusable bags, many of which are made from recycled materials.  They have also expanded their catalog to include kitchen tools, home decor, wrapping paper and more!

We will receive 50% of the proceeds from all paper order forms turned in to Hacienda.  Non-local family and friends can order online and we will receive 40% of the proceeds from those orders.

ALL EARNINGS will be deposited into your child’s grade-level science camp account, which will be used to reduce the cost of 5th grade science camp for all students in that grade level.

Our fundraiser ID is 49501.  Make sure friends and family who order online enter your child’s name and teacher so the correct grade level gets credit for earnings.

*  PLEASE turn in order form(s) PER STUDENT (we cannot split earnings between students/grades).

**  If you cannot participate in the fundraiser, please return your entire seller’s packet to the front office as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support of our Hacienda students and their 5th grade science camp experience!

Questions?  Email

Link for online shopping: magnet