Send Us Photos for Yearbook
Wed, Dec 19 9:41am

Send the Yearbook committee your best photos from 2018!  If you have some great shots you would like to be included in the official Hacienda Yearbook, please send them to the Yearbook committee.


To Send Pictures:

1) Sign up for the Yearbook Committee > Submit Photos... position.

2) Use Create > Photo Album, enter a descriptive name and select  "Yearbook" as the visible to drop down list.

3) Choose Upload and select Photos to share (works from your mobile device or computer)


Tip! Share existing Konstella albums by clicking Edit > Add Other Groups and choosing Yearbook.


Please be mindful of students who do not have permission for their photograph to be shared, click "Check Parents' Privacy Settings" for helpful reminders.


We have a few more Activity Pages that are still looking for someone to put together or they may be cut from the yearbook!

  • 2nd Grade &  Kinder Candids
  • 4th - Room 32 - Mr. Hayes
  • K - Room 1 - Ms. Barnhart
  • PreK - Room 5 - Ms. McGee - SDC
  • Music - Ulrich, Thompson, Abouav
  • PE- Graham
  • Art Vistas
  • Library
  • Band

Sign up for the Yearbook Committee to stay in the loop.