Spirit Dress Up Day
Fri, Mar 26
1 day before

We hope you've been having fun with our monthly Spirit Days. We've really enjoyed seeing photos of your amazing getups from crazy hair to mismatched outfits to your future professions. Keep those photos coming!

Next Friday, March 26th, we're bringing you our craziest Spirit Day yet. You ready for this? Wait for it... it's School Uniform Spirit Day!

You've gone nearly a whole school year without having to wear a school uniform! Time to bust out those Hacienda t-shirts and your khaki pants and skirts. Or pair some navy bottoms with a white collared shirt. You can wear all your school uniform clothes at once or do costume changes every recess break. For your parent's sake, at least get one use out of them before you outgrow them!

(What's that? You forgot the school uniform policy?)

As always, share your pictures through Konstella and the HIPS Facebook Page.  You can also submit your photos for the yearbook via our Google Form at https://forms.gle/W435DvMkZG9cD78P9 (Google account is required), or email your photos to yearbooks@hips.rocks.