Sprouts Meeting - Intro & Lesson 1 training
Virtual meeting via Zoom -https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5391236454?pwd=bFJvWjhKVmJrTDYzbkx6QlhNRXdSUT09
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Sprouts, Hacienda's parent led gardening program, seeks parents to be classroom docent and helpers for the 2020-21 school year. 

Gardening with students will look a bit different this year!  There are scripted lessons and training provided throughout the year.  We have planned 2 virtual lessons to teach your child’s class from mid-October to December.  Lessons are estimated to be 20-40 minutes.  January to May lessons  delivery are still in being brainstormed.   

Join us to learn more about Sprouts and training for lesson 1! 

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Meeting ID: 539 123 6454
Passcode: 7725



  • Welcome to Sprouts
    • Who you are
    • What Sprouts is
  • Walk through of Google Folder of Resources for Lesson 1
    • Share screen:  Find folder on Konstella, walk through available files, find your grade level lesson and corresponding file resources
  • Overview of grade level lesson
  • Walk through lesson essentials
  • Prepare for the lesson – Contact your teacher and decide what day, time; how you will present on Webex; what materials do you need and what materials will the students need?  Can the teacher put your forms online for kids to access?
  • Lesson Calendar for the school year
    • Lesson 1,  Oct – Nov 13
    • Lesson 2, Nov 16- Dec 18
    • Lesson 3, Jan 5 – Feb 26
    • Lesson 4, March 1 – Apr 9
    • Lesson 5, Apr 19 – May 28
  • Any other questions?