Star Party - Virtual Exploration of our Universe
Sat, Dec 5 5:00pm-6:30pm
WebEx links: Opening Ceremony
4 days before

Virtual Star Party

Agenda and WebEx Links: 

5:00pm - Opening Ceremony

GRADES K TO 2 - same webex link as Opening Ceremony:

5:15-5:45: "Blackholes & Space", Dr. Thomas Maccorone, Professor of Astronomy and Physics from Texas Tech University.

5:45-6:15: Space-themed crafts - Open those craft bags or see supply details below

6:15-6:30: "Moon Yoga" and Closing to View the Stars

GRADES 3 TO 5: BEGINNING AT 5:15PM -DIFFERENT WEBEX LINK; Log out of first WebEx and join here:

5:15-45pm: "Mars 2020 Rover",  Dr. Sarah M. Milkovich, Planetary Geologist and Science Systems Engineer with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Mars Perseverance:

5:45-6:15pm: "Blackholes & Space", Dr. Thomas Maccorone, Professor of Astronomy and Physics from Texas Tech University; 

   Or may join craft hour-see above

6:15-6:30: "Moon Yoga" and Closing to View the Stars - log out of WebEx, and new link:

Tech issues during the event, text or email Heather 408-368-7725


Star View Finder for mobile devices

*Google Sky:

*Star Tracker:  Android; iPad/iPhone

*Night Sky: iPad/iPhone


Supplies Details - if you wish to gather your own supplies to partake in craft activities, please view links: 

Grade K to 2 crafts:

Grade 3 to 5 crafts:

Special thank you to Star Party Committee:  Bernice Fung, Heather Stenshamn, Cynthia Gong, Haddie Lyons, Catherine Bush and Sravanthi Penumarthy.  Also, many thanks to craft bag helpers, Mrs. Weisshahn, Mr. Weber, Mrs. Lily, Ms. Figueroa and other Hacienda Staff!!  

You all are shooting stars!! 

The Star Countdown is on for Hacienda’s Annual Star Party - Virtual 2020 on Saturday, December 5th from 5:00-6:30pm!!   


RESERVE A CRAFT PACKAGE: Sign up via Konstella ( for a no cost craft activity bag to be picked up on December 2nd or 3rd at 3:15-4:30pm at Hacienda.  

DEADLINE TO RESERVE: November 23rd. 

Star Party event team can only ensure craft packets will be available for those who have check out via Konstella. There is no cost as this event is funded by HIPS. 

It is not necessary to pick up a craft bag as a detailed list of materials will be provided as most items you will have in your home.

Annually HIPS co-hosts with our Science team a night to explore our skies through hands-on craft activities and viewing the skies.  Due to the pandemic, this event will be via WebEx to see friends to:

*Create craft projects

*Listen to an expert speaker of black holes from Texas Tech University

*Partake in 'moon' yoga and

*Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa

all from the comforts of your home.  Detailed program to be shared shortly.  

Questions, contact the Star Party parent volunteer co-leads:  

Bernice Fung

Heather Stenshamn