Teacher and Staff Appreciation Tree
Sun, Nov 28 6:06pm

Our teachers and staff do so much for our kids.

Let's show them how much we appreciate them!


Last year we had a tree covered with over 500 personalized notes

to our teachers and staff expressing all of the ways

that we appreciated their hard work!

They really loved it so let’s continue this new tradition. HIPS will

provide festive cards where you can write notes of gratitude.  

You can write them at the tables by the cafeteria before (starting at 8:40am)

and after school (ending at 3:20pm) until December 16th.


You can write as many messages as you like and this is a great opportunity to involve the kids too! There will be a tree in the Faculty Lounge to hang them on.


Let's see if we can fill the whole tree with gratitude!